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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Contract Manufacturing Partner

Businesses use contract manufacturers because the business world continues to be so competitive, and you need to have reliable access to the components and products that will differentiate your company in the marketplace. But what are contract manufacturers, and why are they a great way to outsource certain critical elements of your business while still marketing your products as your own? And why does contract manufacturing outsourcing represent more than just a supply chain vendor from a third party?

What Are Contract Manufacturers?

What are contract manufacturers, and what do they outsource? Contract manufacturing outsourcing is the practice of working with an outside company to develop, manufacture and distribute your products and components. Contract manufacturers, such as contract packaging companies, typically take your design and agree to produce a certain quantity of goods in an agreed-upon timeframe.

Why Contract Manufacturing is the Best Solution for You?

Outsourcing can save your company money on production costs because you don’t need to worry about all those costs of buying or leasing equipment, hiring and training staff, and supporting all the production and storage space requirements. Instead, outsourcing to contract manufacturing companies can help you increase productivity and improve quality control as needed to meet your company’s needs and your customer demand. Thus, you’re better able to mitigate risk and manage your resources more efficiently.  

What to Look for When Choosing a Contract Manufacturing Partner?

Now that you know the answer to “what are contract manufacturers”, you’ll need to consider what technical knowledge, experience, equipment, and capacity you expect to tap into now and in the future? Here’s a quick rundown on what you should consider when you’re choosing a contract manufacturing partner.

What Are Their Capabilities?

When considering who might be the best contract manufacturer for your business, you need to look at what types of capabilities you need. Depending on the components and products you’re looking to outsource, consider the fulfillment and logistics capacities of the new contract manufacturer. You also need a flexible and adaptable manufacturer so that they’ll be able to scale and support your requirements both now and into the future. Can they speed up delivery if needed? Are they able to adjust production?

What is Their Equipment Level & What Technology Do They Have?

The best contract manufacturing partner will already have the right equipment in place to meet your needs. You need to make sure they’re already the experts in the market, with the ability to accommodate your company’s manufacturing project requirements. Sometimes, partnering with the right contract manufacturing partner, such as contract packaging companies, means they already have access to the right equipment and technology, whether via lease or contractual relationships. You need a partner that can ramp up with the equipment and knowledge to meet your needs. 

How Much Experience Do They Have?

You should partner with a contract manufacturer that has the experience in the manufacturing area you need. Have they manufactured the product or components you need in the past? With comprehensive industry knowledge, they should be able to streamline the manufacturing process. Depending on what product or component you’re looking to manufacture, you should also find out what registrations they have in place, as well as certifications for your industry. You need a contract manufacturer who can be a true partner, offering industry insights to supplement your current experience level.  

What is Their Capacity?

The right contract manufacturer will accommodate your capacity needs. So, they should have the storage space and the ability to ramp up their production to meet your current and future needs. Better yet, you should be able to access that capacity without investing additional money or resources. Look for contract manufacturers that can solve your capacity problems, not create new challenges for finding warehouse space or accommodating the future production growth both now and in the future. Capacity issues are intertwined with equipment requirements, staffing, and process management; they all need to be addressed.  

Do They Have Skilled Technical Personnel?

The contract manufacturer should be able to staff up skilled laborers quickly, with the proper training. With the right people in place, you shouldn’t have to worry about having the right technical expertise and know-how. The manufacturing project should be well in hand.  

Make sure their technical staff can communicate with you and your team effectively. They need to listen to your needs, provide technical recommendations and advice, and meet your project requirements with one point of contact.

How Do They Handle Compliance Issues and Quality Standards?

Is the contract manufacturer accredited as a manufacturing facility? It could be ISO 9001 Quality Management certification or the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) Defense and Military accreditation. You might need other accreditation standards in food, healthcare, or other industries for contract manufacturing. Consider international certification if you provide products and services to customers around the world. But you should find out about their guarantee. Do they offer a “satisfaction guarantee” or “defect-free” offer? What about their safety standards? What processes and procedures are in place to ensure that you deliver a quality product to your customers.

What is a Contract Manufacturing Agreement?

A contract manufacturing agreement is a document that outlines the terms and conditions of the relationship between your company and the manufacturer. It defines the product or component that will be produced, along with the quantity of the production run. In most cases, you will also define the pricing, delivery method, milestones, and other contractual elements for the relationship with the contract manufacturer. The agreement may be negotiable at certain points in time.  

Why Choose Maple Mountain Co-Packers as Your Contract Manufacturing Partner

Maple Mountain Co-Packers offers the contract manufacturing services you need to support your needs and the needs of your customers. When you choose Maple Mountain Co-Packers for your contract manufacturing, you are tapping into a quality and reliable solution that is cost-effective, high-quality, and dedicated to supporting your growth and success.  

Our goal at Maple Mountain Co-Packers is to be your contract manufacturing partner with a relationship that’s built on effective communication, trust, mutually beneficial collaboration, and creative synergy. Besides our contract manufacturing outsourcing, we offer turnkey solutions to meet every aspect of your company’s production, fulfillment, and distribution needs.

We aim to be a true partner, serving all your needs for a contract manufacturer. Now that you’ve answered the question “what are contract manufacturers?” you’ll understand that outsourcing represents more than just a supply chain vendor from a third party. You’ll see that we are the trusted contract manufacturer you need to mitigate those challenging product issues you face. Call 801-960-3387 to find out more about our contract manufacturing opportunities! Contact us today!

How to Choose a Partner to Manufacture Your Supplements

image of different containers for packaging products with no labels

If you’re looking for a custom supplement manufacturer, you need a partner that can support your product needs. What factors should you examine when selecting your supplement contract manufacturer? Learn more about how to find a partner to manufacture your supplements. 

See what you should consider when you choose a partner to manufacture your supplements.  

Why Do You Need a Supplement Contract Manufacturer?

Contract Manufacturing represents the best, most effective way to grow your business without the hassle or many limitations. Selecting a supplement contract manufacturer allows you to outsource those elements of your business that are expensive and time-consuming. Here are some of the benefits of a custom supplement manufacturer.  

Saves You Money

Money is often the first consideration, and it’s often the reason you may have at first discounted the idea of outsourcing your supplement contract manufacturing. You can always do anything on the cheap, and you might even think that your savvy frugality will save you a ton of money. The pandemic-related chaos of the last 2 years and the continued volatility in the supply chain demonstrates how important it is to have already established vendor relationships. You’ve probably noticed the time and added costs that you’ve come to expect when you buy new equipment or even when you need a replacement part.

Now more than ever, you need a partner who can deliver the goods in terms of your white label supplements. Rely on a partner like Maple Mountain Co-Packers with all the equipment and established relationships in the industry that you need to start turning a profit right now. Instead of wasting time and money on mistakes and frustration, you need a partner who will help you see a return on your investment.

Increases Productivity

As you continue to grow your business, you need to tap into those resources that will supplement your skills and current capacity. With complete turnkey solutions, including consulting, sourcing, blending, kit building, fulfillment, and shipping and warehousing, Maple Mountain Co-Packers has the services you need to increase productivity levels across your company. 

Allows You to Focus on Your Business

Instead of focusing all your energy on building out your manufacturing, you can outsource to create white label supplements. Then, focus on your business. So, you’ll be able to better take advantage of the capabilities of your custom supplement manufacturer, and they will help you create your own supplement. It’s a win-win situation.  

Offers Insights

Partnering with a custom supplement manufacturer to create your own supplement allows you to tap into an industry expert. Your partner can offer insights and knowledge from their established experience over their years in business. Beyond knowledge and experience, Maple Mountain Co-Packers can help you network with industry movers and shakers, and it can jump-start your supplement business.

The benefits of outsourcing your manufacturing can far outweigh the time and costs it would take you to set up the operations in-house. It isn’t easy to accurately estimate how much the trial-and-error process will cost you. By relying on the experience of Maple Mountain Co-Packers, you will be more productive, with the connections and the focus on high-quality that you need to set yourself apart in the industry.

Supports Scalability

One of the most profitable reasons for outsourcing your custom manufacturing is that it offers greater flexibility to your business. So, you can upscale or even downscale if needed to meet your needs and even the current economic conditions. Scalability has become a more critical consideration. At Maple Mountain Co-Packers, we’re here to consult with you and help you determine the best path forward with our partnership.  

Mountain Maple Co-Packers’ Supplement Manufacturing Capabilities

Maple Mountain Co-Packers is dedicated to serving their clients, with its strategically optimal location in the western region of the US. We understand the importance of excellent communication, unparalleled customer service, and competitive pricing. That’s why we’re committed to delivering on our promises to provide high-quality products and services on time and on budget.  

We don’t just want to be your vendor; we want to build a long-term partnership built on trust, mutually beneficial collaboration, and creative synergy. What that means is that we’re here for you as a turnkey solution. We can develop a new product, beginning with researching every aspect of the design, ingredient development, and even the packaging. Then, we can help you create a formula, test it, identify claims, determine the best packaging options, and start the manufacturing process.  

This is the stuff we enjoy and live for. We’re excited about the opportunity to help you transition from small-batch production to large-scale manufacturing. We are eager to find new ways to reduce costs, and it’s our goal to streamline every part of our processing and delivery.

We’re here to offer the tools and strategies that will bring you less stress, a more manageable workload, and better ways to operate your business. Then, too, we’re all in business to ensure that we’re being as productive and profitable as possible. Let us show you how we can support you in achieving all your goals.  

Choose Maple Mountain Co-Packers as Your Supplement Contract Manufacturer

Maple Mountain Co-Packers offers a myriad of packaging services. We focus on supporting the custom-built production lines for our customers, which also means that we’re better positioned to establish long-term partnerships with our clients across low and high-volume production capabilities. When you choose Maple Mountain Co-Packers, you have chosen a reliable co-packer that is quality-driven and helps reduce product lead and turnaround times. Explore MMCP’s packaging services today.  

Call 801-960-3387 to find out more about why we’re the logical choice to manufacture your supplements! Contact us today

The Benefits of White Label Manufacturing

Portrait of production line workers controlling manufacturing process of modern packaging industrial machine in printing factory.

As the world of business continues to be so competitive, it’s more important than ever that you’re able to differentiate yourself in the marketplace. A white label partnership allows you to resell and rebrand products and services that are manufactured and supplied by a third party. The white label manufacturing solution is a great way to outsource certain key elements of your business while still being able to market your products as your own.  

See what you should consider when you choose a partner to manufacture your white label solutions?  

What Is a White Label Product?

A white label product or service is produced by one manufacturer but branded under a different name and logo. While there is a nominal fee associated with the white label solution, it’s of enormous benefit both to the productivity and reputation of your company.  

You can tap into the design and development capabilities of a well-established manufacturer. So you’re offering a high-quality and reliable product without the hassle or risk associated with bringing your product to market. When you consider that 95 percent of new products fail in the first year, there are enormous benefits associated with white label manufacturing.  

Then what is a white label partnership? Your agreement with your white label manufacturer will govern your partnership. It could be as simple as just offering your branded product, or it could include an all-in-one approach that covers virtually every aspect of the product’s distribution and marketing. The ideal solution for your company will depend upon your current capabilities as well as your comfort level working with another company to market your products and services.  

White Label vs. Private Label

White label manufacturing can be a great solution for your business, but it’s necessary to also mention that you have the option of a private label manufacturing solution. When you consider white label vs private label, the terms themselves are sometimes used interchangeably.  

While white label manufacturing allows you to resell products as your own, private label solutions allow you to resell products with exclusivity.

In a private label manufacturing situation, you can determine the parts, design and ingredients, as well as production and distribution details, that are part of the product you will sell.  

In a white label manufactured solution, you still have some customization options for the label, but the manufacturer typically determines all the key elements of the production and distribution. They are already the pros, so you’re relying on them to deliver a quality product that you can offer to your customers under your brand name.  

Why Choose a White Label Partnership?

White label partnerships represent products you use every day. The solutions are often so seamless and well-regarded that you may not even notice. That’s because the white label manufacturer that produces those products can offer the level of epic customer service, great communication and competitive pricing. 

Part of the reason you’re able to buy those products at a high-quality and competitive price point is because they are produced under a white label arrangement. If it was a private label, the cost would likely be higher and the quality might not be what you’ve come to expect. The white label partnership is thus a mutually beneficial solution for the brand and the manufacturer and the consumer wins too. Here are a few more key benefits of white label manufacturing for your business.  


The best white label manufacturers have already been in the business for years, so you’re relying on their expertise to deliver the quality product you need on time and budget.  


A white label partner will already have everything covered. You don’t need to worry about the design and manufacturing process or even the distribution and training requirements.  


Instead of being required to ramp up your production from scratch, you’re relying on a third-party manufacturer. That means that you save money on machinery, trial and error costs and what you would incur for design and formulation.  


You’ve already established your brand, so you get the benefit of that name recognition and power. You’re just adding on the quality products your customers have already come to associate with your company.  

As part of your white label partnership, Maple Mountain Co-Packers offers the products you need to deliver to your customers with less stress and a lower cost point for delivery. That way, you can focus on building your business to be as profitable and productive as possible.

Choose Maple Mountain Co-Packers for Your White Label Manufacturing

Maple Mountain Co-Packers offers the services you need to support your needs and the needs of your customers. When you choose Maple Mountain Co-Packers for your white label partnership, you have chosen a reliable manufacturer that is dedicated to delivering the quality and reliable solutions you need, with lower costs than what it would take for you to manufacture those products yourself.  

Our goal at Maple Mountain Co-Packers is to be your white label partner in a long-term relationship built on trust, communication, mutually beneficial collaboration and creative synergy. Our white label manufacturing can be your turnkey solution for your business, incorporating every aspect of the idea generation, development, design, production and even packaging and distribution.  

We’re here to support your needs. We’re a true partner, not only for this latest new project or to extend an existing product but as a trusted solution for the future. That’s why we’re the perfect white label partner for you.  

Call 801-960-3387 to find out more about our white label partnership opportunities! Contact us today!

The Importance of Formulation & Flavoring

image of product being weighed on a scale during formulation process of manufacturing

Take the next step in developing your products or expanding your product line with a contract manufacturing partner. If you’re struggling to identify the perfect flavor or need a cosmetic formulator to create that all-natural beauty product you’ve been dreaming of, then it’s time to review the formulation and flavoring processes.  

See how a leading contract manufacturer can help you prepare your new line of products for the market.

The Formulation Process

It all starts with a dream for your product and brand. This dream needs to translate into a product formula, package, and manufacturing process before it can be enjoyed by your customers. A liquid or powder manufacturing team can help you take the necessary steps to finish this process.

There are two basic ways you can go through the formulation process. First, you can work with a team to take your existing product and transform it into a repeatable formula for large-scale production.

You don’t need to have a finalized product to partner with a contract manufacturer. Bring your dreams of a new product to the team at Maple Mountain Co-Packers to kick off the research phase of your latest cosmetic or food item.

From Blend to Full Production

If you already have a blend that you’re ready to mass produce, then the MMCP formulation contract manufacturing team can help you get there. You can start this process at almost any stage of the formulation product. Partner with the MMCP team at any of these stages to prepare for full production:

  • Raw ingredients
  • Detailed formula
  • Finished goods sample

A cosmetic formulator can take raw ingredients or a prototype and create a detailed formula for repeatable production. You don’t need to have a carefully crafted plan to move forward. Bring in what you have and see how an experienced team can move forward with it.

From Dream to Formula

You’ve just had the perfect idea for a new beauty product or energy bar, but you aren’t sure how to make it a reality. A standard food product or powder manufacturing team may not have the necessary resources to help you achieve your finished product. In this situation, you need a product development team.

With MMCP, you can enjoy turnkey solutions to move from dream to product manufacturing. Schedule a consultation to see how your contract manufacturing partner can help you develop a new product with these steps:

  • Research ingredients and packaging for your proposed item
  • Create and test a formula
  • Identify claims that match the formula
  • Pair the product with high-quality packaging
  • Start the manufacturing process

Whether you’re looking for the latest flavor combination or dreaming of a product that uses a trending ingredient, a product development team can help you realize your goals. The research and experimentation steps of this process can be particularly time-consuming, so turn these tasks over to a trusted partner.

Flavoring Options

In addition to creating a formula for liquid or powder manufacturing, a reliable manufacturing team can help you create new flavors for existing products. See how these services can help you expand your line, craft personalized products, and grow your business.

Flavoring for Your Target Market

Your competitor just launched a new line of products. Your customers have been calling for custom flavors. Your sales are stalling. There are many situations that may call for a refreshed product line or the launch of a totally new product.

The first step in launching a new product is identifying your target market. Is your target audience willing to invest in all-natural ingredients, or do they prefer a broad range of tantalizing flavors, scents, and colors? You can perform this research on your own or work with the team at Maple Mountain Co-Packers to find the answers you need.

Once you identify the desires of your target market, it’s time to experiment with flavors and formulations. Only after careful product testing and market analysis can you be confident that you’ve developed a competitive product.

Expanding Your Product Line

If you already have a successful line of products, then it may be time to expand your offerings with custom flavors. Your contract manufacturing team can help you start with your existing product formula and experiment with new flavor alternatives.

Turn to MMCP if you already have flavor requests from your customers. The product development team can identify the best ingredients to add to your proven formula to create this new option.

If you don’t have any recommendations from your customers, then your contract manufacturing partner can research options and provide samples of original flavor combinations. Test out these samples with your target market before finalizing the formula of your new product.

Benefits of Working With a Contract Manufacturing Company

Whether you’ve been working with a formulation contract manufacturing team or creating your own formulas, consider working with a leading team for your next product. Professional formulation gives you the resources you need to identify claims you wish to make and create products that meet those claims.

A contract manufacturing company can also help you scale your business. Transition from small-batch production to large-scale manufacturing to enjoy reduced costs and improved timelines.

Save time and reduce the stress of creating competitive products. Turnkey manufacturing solutions handle everything from formulation to packaging and delivery to ease the stress and workload of owning and operating a business.

Learn More About Maple Mountain Co-Packers’ Services

Produce custom flavors and stunning product additions with expert food and cosmetic formulator services from Maple Mountain Co-Packers. Explore MMCP’s packaging services to see how you can enjoy full-service support to build, produce and deliver winning products.

Turnkey vs. Tolling—Which Makes Sense for Me?

Turnkey Manufacturing vs. Toll Manufacturing

image showing the process of turnkey manufacturing and the steps
image showing the different aspects of tolling manufacturing - testing, producing, packaging

Turnkey Manufacturing vs. Toll Manufacturing

If you’re a business owner, you may have heard or read a lot about toll manufacturing versus turnkey (or “contract”) manufacturing. You may have even heard the terms used interchangeably, which only adds to your confusion.

What’s the difference between turnkey manufacturing and toll manufacturing? Does toll manufacturing offer any unique benefit? Which type of manufacturing process is best for handling laminating and coating services? 

In this post, we’ll address these and other questions, so you can choose what’s best for your business needs.

If you’re a business owner, you may have heard or read a lot about toll versus turnkey (or “contract”) manufacturing. You may have even heard the terms used interchangeably, which only adds to your confusion.


What’s the difference between turnkey and toll manufacturing? Does toll manufacturing offer any unique benefit? Which type of manufacturing process is best for handling laminating and coating services?


In this post, we’ll address these and other questions, so you can choose what’s best for your business needs.

What is Toll Manufacturing?

Toll manufacturing is the simpler of the two manufacturing relationships. In toll manufacturing, the production service renders the tools, equipment, and human resources needed to manufacture the product. You, the business owner, provide any raw materials necessary for the finished product.

Advantages of Toll Manufacturing

Toll manufacturing affords your company a greater degree of ownership over the finished product. Not only can a business owner control the quality of raw materials being used, but they also retain ownership over the intellectual property, including any patents, trademarks, or other “branding” related to the company or finished product.

Disadvantages of Toll Manufacturing

The only downside to toll manufacturing is the level of coordination it requires. The various pieces of toll manufacturing have to come together (i.e., raw materials, manufacturing company, and so on) to produce a finished whole. This part of the process can occasionally slow production down, and sometimes the price of raw materials can fluctuate, adding to manufacturing costs.

If you need additional coating or laminating services, toll manufacturing becomes even slower and costly. Plus, many business owners may be unfamiliar with packaging standards or the types of coatings they may need for toll manufacturing.

What Is Turnkey Manufacturing

Turnkey manufacturing or contract manufacturing operates similarly to toll manufacturing. The crucial difference is that the turnkey manufacturing company provides the raw materials necessary for the finished product.

Advantages of Contract Manufacturing

The advantage of a contract manufacturing relationship is that the manufacturer typically bears related turnkey manufacturing risks such as the cost, the level of stocks, and selecting which raw materials to use.  Contract manufacturing is very much a “hands-off” approach for the business owner.  This strategy results in a much faster manufacturing process than toll manufacturing.  You simply hand over the job to a contractor and wait for the finished product.

Contract manufacturing may be particularly beneficial for businesses whose product packaging requires a specialized coating. A larger company may be able to provide the raw materials for coating and laminating services—something you might not be able to do through a toll manufacturing contract.

Disadvantages of Contract Manufacturing

With contract manufacturing, the turnkey manufacturing company retains a great deal of sovereignty over the kind of raw materials being used, which can be particularly important for those who need to consider their product’s packaging and coating quality.  In some cases, contractual arrangements mitigate the risks of contract manufacturing, such as pricing provisions or manufacturing warranties.

The Key Difference Between Toll and Turnkey Services

The difference between toll manufacturing and contract (or turnkey) manufacturing lies mainly in who provides the raw materials. If you enter into a toll manufacturing relationship, you will have to provide the raw materials for your product. If you enter into a contract manufacturing relationship, the manufacturing company provides the raw materials needed for your packaging and coating needs.

Because a coating is essential for many finished and semi-finished products, business owners should carefully weigh their options before entering into a contract.

What Businesses Benefit from Toll Manufacturing?

Toll manufacturing tends to favor businesses seeking to produce smaller quantities of products on an as-needed basis. If you own a small business, your manufacturing needs might be more sporadic than regular, and you may wish to retain the rights to your intellectual property. And if you have the time to devote to the task, you also have the advantage of selecting just the suitable materials you need for your product.

On the other hand, a toll manufacturing contract may present you with some specialized decisions. What sort of packaging materials do you need to get? What type of coating is best for your finished product? A turnkey manufacturing service grants you greater flexibility, but you may have more pressing concerns than packaging or coating needs.

You may find that these kinds of decisions are best handled by a professional company that’s more accustomed to high-volume contracts and may have connections to provide the best, most affordable packaging and coating services currently available.

What Businesses Benefit from Contract Manufacturing?

Contract manufacturing is a much simpler process. If you’re a business owner, you may value a company that handles the packaging of your products and assists with both your packaging and coating needs, depending on your requirements.

Contract manufacturing relationships can also offer some basic design support services, so you don’t have to worry about the overall design of your product’s packaging.

Additionally, if your business requires specialized packaging and coating services, outsourcing these needs to a reputable company can be a wise business decision. Typically, obtaining suitable materials for product coating involves time and attention to detail.  A contract manufacturing partner may have the resources necessary to get just the right materials for the best product packaging and coating. Because these resources can be bought in bulk, they may be available more cheaply through a contract manufacturer than through a toll manufacturing contractor.

Contract Manufacturing and Packaging

Contract manufacturing and packaging services can be invaluable to ensure that your product receives the best quality packaging, including the best coating needed for product distribution. For most business owners, choosing a coating may seem to be too small a detail to have to contend with regularly. By partnering with a larger company, you can ensure your packaging needs are met, with a coating whose quality matches your product.

Maple Mountain Co-Packers

Maple Mountain Co-Packers offers contract packaging services designed to provide lower costs and faster deliveries. We understand that time is of the essence; that’s why we ensure that we form partnerships with our clients to meet their deadlines, all while providing packaging and coating services for a variety of manufacturing needs.

If you’re looking for a packaging partner that can help your business flourish and grow, contact us today.