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The Many Services a Co-Packing Company Can Offer

Co-Packing Company

Co-packing is becoming an increasingly popular option for businesses that need to outsource their packaging, labeling, and other related services. Co-packers provide a one-stop shop for companies who are looking for reliable, cost-effective packaging solutions for a variety of different products. At Maple Mountain Co-Packers, we understand just how important co-packing services can be to the potential success of a company and have the experience to deliver quality results quickly and efficiently. In this blog, we’ll explore and discuss some of the most popular services our company can provide.

Labeling Services

Here at Maple Mountain, we offer a variety of labeling services to meet each of our customer’s unique needs. Co-packing companies are great at providing clients with the labels they need to succeed in whatever industry they fall under and Maple Mountain is no exception. We can create labels with vibrant colors and graphics that showcase your product in the best possible light. Our labeling services can be tailored to fit the needs of your company’s products. No matter what kind of labeling you need, our experienced team will work closely with you to ensure your label meets all regulatory requirements while still having eye-catching visuals that will draw the attention you’re looking for to your product.

Packaging Services

Our team also offers various types of packaging options for products ranging from beverages and foods to cosmetics and even OTC products. The packaging options we offer include sachet packets, stick packs, bulk powder fill, flexible packaging, and many more custom co-packing options. Each packaging option has its own benefits for certain products and certain industries, so no matter what your packaging needs may be, we have the packaging options you need for your company to be successful.

Sachet Packets

Made with a wide range of advanced packaging materials, sachet packets are the perfect choice for a variety of industries. From cosmetics and pharmaceutical packaging to confectioneries, sachet packets can help you succeed no matter what kind of product you’re producing.

Stick Packs

Stick packs are perfect for portability, convenience, and low-cost production. Stick packs require far fewer raw materials than other forms of packaging while providing customers with an easy-to-use option that increases marketability. Plus their slim design makes it possible to fill entire boxes in one batch, making them a great choice for anyone looking for efficient bulk storage solutions.

Bulk Powder Fill

Bulk powder fill packaging is the perfect way to cover all of your contract packing needs for any kind of powder or granules. With a variety of package sizes to choose from ranging from small pillow pouches to wide-mouth jars, bulk powder fills are great for maximizing production.

Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging is a lightweight packaging style that is becoming increasingly popular for a wide range of companies. With more aesthetic designs, a prolonged shelf life for your product, and improved portability and sustainability, it’s easy to see why it has become such a popular choice across a wide array of industries.

Custom Packaging

Certain products may require a style of packaging other than the ones listed above. In these cases, the team at Maple Mountain can provide custom co-packaging services depending on your product’s needs. From supplement packs to lotions and creams, there is no shortage of custom packaging services to fit all of your individual needs.

Assembly & Fulfillment Services

We understand how important it is to get products out quickly in order to minimize costs associated with warehousing them while they wait for shipment. That’s why Maple Mountain offers assembly & fulfillment services so you don’t have to worry about shipping delays due to the packing process itself taking too long. Our team will assemble each package according to customer instructions so that it is ready for direct shipment right away without any additional handling required by third parties or warehouse personnel saving time and money.

From labeling and packaging services all the way through assembly & fulfillment services, there truly is no better solution than a co-packing company. There is no end to the ways in which a co-packing company can help you succeed no matter what industry you’re in. If you have any questions about the many services a co-packing company can offer, contact the team at Maple Mountain Co-Packers today and get started on your journey to newfound success.