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Our Certifications

Work with a co-packer whose facility makes your downlines and network feel comfortable and confident regarding the product and packaging quality.MMCP boasts a new state of the art facility that adheres to the highest level of manufacturing practices. We are committed to providing manufacturing and packaging solutions to your business. Our quality assurance program is designed to comply with all current Good Manufacturing Processes as outlined by the FDA.

Why Choose Maple Mountain Co-Packers

MMCP is strategically located in the center of the western region of the United States to serve our clients best. With all our certifications and quality ratings, we’re able to focus on creating amazing products known for its purity and naturality in a facility that proves your brand’s message to your network of sellers. We are motivated to develop a mutually beneficial partnership through great communication, competitive pricing, and unmatched customer service. We are a partner who understands the importance of commitment and a scheduled timeline that will deliver high-quality products and services. We seek to become an extension of your business and its values.

Maple Mountain Co-Packers offers a myriad of packaging services including both low and high volume production capabilities. At Maple Mountain Co-Packers, we seek to partner with you in fulfilling your manufacturing, packaging and distribution needs.

When you choose Maple Mountain Co-Packers, you have chosen a reliable co-packer that is quality-driven and helps
reduce product lead and turnaround times.

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