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Our Certifications

MMCP boasts a new state of the art facility that adheres to the highest level of manufacturing practices. We are committed to providing manufacturing and packaging solutions to your business. Our quality assurance program is designed to comply with all current Good Manufacturing Processes as outlined by the FDA.

About Maple Mountain Co-Packers

Maple Mountain Co-Packers is strategically located in the center of the western region of the United States to best serve our clients. We are motivated to develop a mutually beneficial partnership through great communication, competitive pricing and unmatched customer service. We are a partner who understands the importance of commitment and a scheduled time line that will deliver high quality products and services.

Maple Mountain Co-Packers offers a myriad of packaging services including both low and high volume production capabilities. At Maple Mountain Co-Packers we seek to partner with you in fulfilling your manufacturing, packaging and distribution needs.

When you choose Maple Mountain Co-Packers, you have chosen a reliable co-packer that is quality driven and helps reduce product lead and turnaround times.

small orange icon showing powder filling packaging
Powder Filling
small orange icon showing powder filling packaging
Powders & Granulars
transparent orange icon of dropper bottle for oils and liquid extracts
Oils & Extracts
orange transparent icon of bottle for lotions and creams
Lotions & Creams
orange transparent icon of assembly equipment
Kit Assembly
orange transparent icon for perfumes and cosmetics
Personal Care Samples
small orange icon for sample product packaging
Sample Packaging
orange transparent icon of bottle for supplements
Supplement Packs
small orange transparent icon of stick packs
Stick Packaging
small transparent orange icon of formulas being mixed in bowl
Dry Mixing or Blending

For more information, contact us today at:

3596 Mountain Vista Pkwy #2

Provo, UT 84606


Rob LeBaron


Co-Packing Services We Offer

image of orange sachet packet packaging option on white background
Sachet Packets
image of orange stick pack packaging option on white background
Stick Pack
image of yellow bulk powder packaging example
Bulk Powder Fill
image of orange sample packaging option on white background
Sample packaging
image of orange rollstock packaging option on white background

MMCP can manufacture sachet packets in multiple sizes for your business’s specific needs.

MMCP measures, weighs and fills stick packs for multiple sizes and for various products.

MMCP can cover your packing needs of bulk fill orders for all powders and granulars.

MMCP is a trusted provider for sample packaging for gels, liquids, oils, and more.

MMCP offers flexible packing using roll stock for food products, consumer goods and etc.

image of different types of product packaging options
Other Different Packaging

MMCP is committed to help fulfill your co-packing and packaging needs. For different packaging needs aside from the mockups shown, please contact us directly.

Contact Us for More Information About Our Services

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Full Turn-Key Solutions
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Product Manufacturing
orange icon with white background for manufacturing consultation
Manufacturing Consultation
orange icon with white background for fulfillment
orange icon with white background for kit building
Kit Building
orange icon with white background for repack
orange icon with white background for product sourcing
Product Sourcing
orange icon showing shipping and warehouse capabilities
Shipping and Warehousing
orange icon for blending capabilities
transparent orange icon for flexible packaging options
Flexible Packaging
orange icon with white background for liquid fill
Liquid Fill
orange icon for powder filling
Powder Fill
orange icon with white background for shrek sleeve neck bending
Shrek Sleeve and Neck Bending
transparent orange icon for labeling
orange icon with white background for general assembly
General Assembly