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Health & Cosmetics Packaging

When it comes to making your health and cosmetics products stand out in an extremely crowded and competitive market, proper packaging is essential. From eye-catching sachet packets to useful stick packs to jars and glass containers, there are many different types of packaging options that can meet all of your product’s unique needs. Discover our range of innovative health and cosmetic packaging services today – they may just be what you need for success in the competitive marketplace!

Looking for ways to maximize production and profits? The packaging services at Maple Mountain Co-Packers are the perfect solution. Stick packs and liquid sachets are perfect for providing convenience and marketing appeal with fewer raw materials required than other packaging methods. If you plan on shipping several products at a time, we provide different packing solutions including kitting and variety packing to cover all of your needs. Our many different options provide you with complete control over your custom health and cosmetic packaging services at a great price! Tap into our team’s expertise and contact us today.

Selecting and Choosing Quality Health and Cosmetics Packaging

Maple Mountain Co-Packers is the perfect partner for finding health and cosmetics packaging that meets any need. From extending shelf life to improving sustainability, we provide an array of options tailored to help your products succeed!

Sachet Packets

Our custom cosmetic sachet packaging solutions make it easy to get your product into the hands of consumers! With our advanced materials and innovative designs, you can create flexible sachets for health products or cosmetics that draw customers. It’s the ideal way to ensure maximum convenience & style when presenting your brand. Types of sachet packaging we offer include:

  • Stick Packs
  • Bottle-Shaped Stick Packs
  • Flat Packs

Jars and Glass Containers

Maple Mountain Co-Packers offer a comprehensive contract packing service for health and cosmetics powders and granules. With our high-quality jars and other glass containers for liquids or creams, you can be confident that your products are getting the quality attention they deserve. The benefits of jars and glass containers include:

  • A variety of package sizes to choose from
  • Durability of packaging and protection of your product
  • An aesthetically pleasing branding opportunity

Flexible Packaging Options

Maple Mountain Co-Packers provides a seemingly endless range of flexible packaging possibilities for products across all industries. Health and beauty companies are leading the charge in utilizing this lightweight option, as they recognize its multitude of benefits, such as:

  • Prolonged shelf life
  • More aesthetic designs
  • Lightweight and portable packaging
  • Improved product sustainability

Health and Cosmetics Packaging Solved

Choosing the right packaging for your health and cosmetics products is essential to making sure customers are receiving the highest quality experience possible. Think about selecting materials that both look great, keep items fresh, and also make shipping easy! Maple Mountain Co-Packers offers an array of options so you’re bound to find something perfect – take your pick from sizes and shapes designed specifically with your customers in mind.

With years of experience in taking care of all packaging needs, Maple Mountain Co-Packers is the go-to name for health and cosmetics products. Our expertise guarantees quality services that meet any requirements! Contact us today if you have a packaging need no matter how big or small it may be.