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Product Manufacturing

Finding a company capable of manufacturing your product can be stressful. Whoever you hire needs to be able to produce high-quality products for you to move your business forward. We, the Maple Mountain Co-Packers, are a fully-equipped company that will help you with every stage of product manufacturing. Today’s marketplace needs optimal packaging, and we are more than ready to handle your most complex manufacturing time-to-market needs.

We offer product manufacturing services including large-scale production capabilities, with the use of our new state-of-the-art facility machines. Our expert team produces high-quality products fast, with exceptional efficiency, in a cost-effective manner. From design to full product production, we offer comprehensive manufacturing, giving you access to our latest technology, as well as our experienced staff.

MMCP will help you gather all the right requirements, from arranging prototypes to mass production projects as well as all aspects of acquiring, transporting, and subsequent marketing. For short, we are capable of turning your ideas into reality.

Our product manufacturing service includes:

• Highly-automated machines for the 24/7 manufacturing process. We use our advanced manufacturing machines to produce better products faster and smarter to help you bring your products to the market with high-quality packaging.
• Monitor performance in production lines. By monitoring the performance of your production lines, it helps you spot problems and make improvements for your products more efficiently. We use a software program that delivers useful and detailed information on how your production line is doing. The more accurate method for measuring, the better to improve your production lines’ performance.
• Cost savings services. You don’t need to spend money on purchasing equipment and labor cost. We will help you reduce the cost of your production by providing you our equipment, experienced laborers and high-standard facilities.
• Quality and product assurance. We navigate your product through various stages of development, testing, inspection, sourcing, manufacturing, examining, certification, and market launch with clearness, and overall better consumer experience. Our quality and product assurance ensure that the designs made have met or exceeded the required specifications of your products.
• Reduce your supply chain cost. If your products are not well packaged, then it is less likely that the said goods will be damaged when shipped. We are committed to proper packaging and stacking your product to avoid or at least minimize the chances of damages that might occur upon the process of the delivery of your products to the consumers.

While you focus on your business, we focus on efficiently and effectively producing your products, allowing you to stay one step ahead in the marketing environment. Our team will always prioritize giving our customers new, innovative solutions and superior service.

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