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Rollstock Packaging

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Rollstock Packaging


Maple Mountain Co-Packers is your perfect partner in providing you with both printed and non-printed films for packaging rolls. We offer automated rollstock packaging with a vast range of colors, materials, and certain specifications to meet the desired customer applications and objectives.

We are capable of packaging fresh vegetables and fruits, canned or bottled products, processed foods, baked goods, ingredients and so much more. We also offer an array of printed packaging roll structures from laminated films, mono-layer and co-extruded to meet your demands.


Advantages of Rollstock Packaging

Here are just some of the advantages of rollstock packaging:

  • Faster packaging process

More packages are produced per minute using rollstock on a Form-Fill-Seal rollstock machine compared to other packaging methods like preformed pouches.

  • Lower cost

Rollstock can significantly reduce the cost of packaging due to the Form-Fill-Seal rollstock machines that make the bags in line and produce less waste.

  • Superior graphic reproduction

Branding is very essential for marketing your products. It helps you make your products become more noticeable and helps it stand out from other products. That’s why the vivid colors and clarity of printing rollstocks are made to be amazing.

  • Appropriateness to aseptic processing 

Rollstock packaging is well suited for aseptic processing because the materials can be sterilized more easily through a peroxide bath.


MMCP’s Rollstock Packaging Services


  • Packaging films customized for horizontal and vertical loading

Maple Mountain Co-Packers offers a wide range of solutions to meet your needs. Whether you desire to pack 100 pounds of sugar or 10 kilograms worth of carrots, we have a variety of films available for both horizontal and vertical loading process.

  • Box overwrap 

We provide a shrink film for a full box overwrap to support packages that have a cardboard tray or an unsupported package. Our shrink films also offer excellent strength and durability throughout the supply chain process.

  • High-Quality printed rollstock

Exceptional packaging starts with your choice of rollstock and its supplier. We, at Maple Mountain Co-Packers, are very dedicated and committed to providing you with the highest quality service on printed rollstock for your company, brands and products.


Your Rollstock Packaging Partner

If you are trying to create your own packaging, you should try to take advantage of our services! Our knowledge of printed rollstock can help you turn your packaging designs into a reality with a more efficient and easier processes from start to finish.

Our rollstock machines allow us to provide Superior Graphic quality and color reproduction. Combined with our printing types of equipment, our inks help make your packaging stand out on store shelves, allowing you to maximize your brand’s value and increase the sales of your product.

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