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OTC Product Packaging

OTC product packaging is more than just a pretty package; it’s key to the success of your product. Attractive, fresh, and well-protected products are essential for standing out from the competition in today’s increasingly competitive market. Maple Mountain Co-Packers has the proper packaging that can give your OTC product the edge you’re looking for.

OTC product packaging comes in all shapes and sizes, from convenient sachet packets, to bottles, to blister packs. Finding the optimal package is key–each type of container can have unique advantages depending on your product’s needs. Discover our range of OTC product packaging services today!


Selecting and Choosing Quality OTC Product Packaging

Are you looking for a reliable partner to help prolong the shelf life of your OTC products and create an attractive brand aesthetic? Maple Mountain Co-Packers offers comprehensive packaging solutions that are sustainable, functional, and visually appealing. We have an array of OTC product packaging options that are sure to help you succeed in such a competitive industry.

Sachet Packaging

Looking for an experienced partner to help with your custom OTC product packaging needs? Look no further! We offer a range of flexible sachets and advanced materials, so you can receive the perfect packet solution. From powder-filled sachets to liquids, we have you covered for all of you sachet packet needs. Some of the benefits of sachet packets include:

  • Easy access to the product
  • Consistency of serving sizes


Maple Mountain Co-Packers is the perfect solution for your OTC product’s co-packing needs. Our expert team can take care of you and provide you with the proper bottle packaging you need for any OTC product. Let us give you peace of mind when it comes to delivering quality OTC product packaging and take the stress and worry out of the packaging process. The benefits of using bottles to package your OTC products include:

  • Durability of the packaging
  • Increased protection of the product
  • Aesthetic design of the packaging

Blister Packs

Maple Mountain Co-Packers is revolutionizing the way products are packaged, offering a vast selection of OTC product packaging options to suit any customer’s needs. Companies in this industry particularly appreciate the convenience of blister packs and the many benefits it offers. Some of the many benefits blister packs provide to OTC products are:

  • Prolonged shelf life of the product
  • Convenience and ease of access to the product
  • Lightweight and portable packaging

OTC Product Packaging Solved

With so many different elements to consider, finding OTC product packaging that best suits your product can be a tricky task. With so many choices out there it’s essential to think about how well materials protect product freshness over time, ease in shipping logistics, and overall visual appeal. Look no further than Maple Mountain Co-Packers. With careful consideration for your intended use, you’ll surely find alluring options that are perfectly tailored to all of your unique needs!

At Maple Mountain Co-Packers, our experienced team is passionate about taking care of all your OTC product packaging needs. We go above and beyond to provide you with customized services tailored specifically for your unique situation – no request is too big or small! Contact us today to discover why we’re an industry leader in the world of OTC products and general co-packing solutions.