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Why converting your product from a liquid to powder may win you margin and market share.

Ever heard of powdered soap? Apparently, it was a thing back in the day and now it’s becoming popular again. The reason being that shipping water is both expensive and it causes an unnecessary increase in our carbon footprint. Seeing that virtually everyone in America has access to a water supply, it doesn’t make sense to ship a liquid if your audience can stomach the extra effort. We are experts in various packaging, here are our thoughts.

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With brands like Bite leading the way for sustainable packaging and minimal environmental impact, retailers are now getting pressured to offer products that follow suit. This could be a strong competitive advantage for you if you’re looking for an edge over your competition. It also helps you save on shipping because your package weight should go to a fraction of what it was before. That being said, If you’re selling a liquid drink product, you may want to try formulating it into a concentrated powder. If you sell laundry detergent, consider launching a concentrated tablet. 

The common question our clients have when considering making a change to powder is, how will my customers respond to the change? That’s definitely a question you’ll want to get to the bottom of and shouldn’t be taken lightly. However, when working through this thought process be sure to consider the rise in the products that have moved to being offered in stick packs, sachets, and tubes. Sometimes the most convenient thing for the customer is something compact now, with a little work later.

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Need a place to package stick packs? Look no further, those happen to be our specialty. 

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