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The Many Services a Co-Packing Company Can Offer

Co-packing is becoming an increasingly popular option for businesses that need to outsource their packaging, labeling, and other related services. Co-packers provide a one-stop shop for companies who are looking for reliable, cost-effective packaging solutions for a variety of different products. At Maple Mountain Co-Packers, we understand just how important co-packing services can be to the potential success of a company and have the experience to deliver quality results quickly and efficiently. In this blog, we’ll explore and discuss some of the most popular services our company can provide.

Labeling Services

Here at Maple Mountain, we offer a variety of labeling services to meet each of our customer’s unique needs. Co-packing companies are great at providing clients with the labels they need to succeed in whatever industry they fall under and Maple Mountain is no exception. We can create labels with vibrant colors and graphics that showcase your product in the best possible light. Our labeling services can be tailored to fit the needs of your company’s products. No matter what kind of labeling you need, our experienced team will work closely with you to ensure your label meets all regulatory requirements while still having eye-catching visuals that will draw the attention you’re looking for to your product.

Packaging Services

Our team also offers various types of packaging options for products ranging from beverages and foods to cosmetics and even OTC products. The packaging options we offer include sachet packets, stick packs, bulk powder fill, flexible packaging, and many more custom co-packing options. Each packaging option has its own benefits for certain products and certain industries, so no matter what your packaging needs may be, we have the packaging options you need for your company to be successful.

Sachet Packets

Made with a wide range of advanced packaging materials, sachet packets are the perfect choice for a variety of industries. From cosmetics and pharmaceutical packaging to confectioneries, sachet packets can help you succeed no matter what kind of product you’re producing.

Stick Packs

Stick packs are perfect for portability, convenience, and low-cost production. Stick packs require far fewer raw materials than other forms of packaging while providing customers with an easy-to-use option that increases marketability. Plus their slim design makes it possible to fill entire boxes in one batch, making them a great choice for anyone looking for efficient bulk storage solutions.

Bulk Powder Fill

Bulk powder fill packaging is the perfect way to cover all of your contract packing needs for any kind of powder or granules. With a variety of package sizes to choose from ranging from small pillow pouches to wide-mouth jars, bulk powder fills are great for maximizing production.

Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging is a lightweight packaging style that is becoming increasingly popular for a wide range of companies. With more aesthetic designs, a prolonged shelf life for your product, and improved portability and sustainability, it’s easy to see why it has become such a popular choice across a wide array of industries.

Custom Packaging

Certain products may require a style of packaging other than the ones listed above. In these cases, the team at Maple Mountain can provide custom co-packaging services depending on your product’s needs. From supplement packs to lotions and creams, there is no shortage of custom packaging services to fit all of your individual needs.

Assembly & Fulfillment Services

We understand how important it is to get products out quickly in order to minimize costs associated with warehousing them while they wait for shipment. That’s why Maple Mountain offers assembly & fulfillment services so you don’t have to worry about shipping delays due to the packing process itself taking too long. Our team will assemble each package according to customer instructions so that it is ready for direct shipment right away without any additional handling required by third parties or warehouse personnel saving time and money.

From labeling and packaging services all the way through assembly & fulfillment services, there truly is no better solution than a co-packing company. There is no end to the ways in which a co-packing company can help you succeed no matter what industry you’re in. If you have any questions about the many services a co-packing company can offer, contact the team at Maple Mountain Co-Packers today and get started on your journey to newfound success.

The Benefits of Appealing Packaging

Appealing packaging is essential for making your product stand out and connecting with customers. Great packaging can help you build brand recognition, drive sales, and create a memorable experience for your customers. Here, we explore the benefits of appealing packaging and how it can help you succeed.

What Makes Packaging Appealing?

Appealing packaging refers to any design that stands out from the rest. It often incorporates visual elements such as vibrant colors, graphics or illustrations, typography and font choices, logo placement, or other visuals that draw attention to the package itself. Additionally, appealing packaging takes into account the tactile qualities of the material used in the production. For example, glossy paper, velvet textures, and embossing are all elements that add appeal to a package’s overall look and feel.

The Benefits of Appealing Packaging

There are many advantages that come with using appealing packaging when marketing your product:

Increased Brand Awareness: Distinct packages have been shown to increase brand awareness. By using consistent visuals across all types of media (print advertising, social media platforms, etc), you can strengthen your brand’s identity among consumers. Additionally, when people see an eye-catching package on a store shelf or online shopping cart they’re more likely to recognize the brand name and remember it in the future.

Highlighted Product Features: With appealing packaging, you can use visual cues to highlight certain features of your product or service. This allows potential customers to quickly identify which products offer what kind of features so they’re more likely to make an informed purchase decision.

Improved Customer Experience: Appealing packages can be designed with customer convenience in mind by taking advantage of features like easy-to-open lids or large handles for carrying heavier items with ease. The overall design should also incorporate safety considerations such as ensuring that fragile items are packed securely so they arrive at their destination intact. All these factors contribute to providing an improved customer experience which is essential for gaining repeat customers who will recommend your products to others as well.

Increased Sales: Well-designed packages have been known to increase sales significantly because they draw attention from potential buyers and encourage them to pick up the product off the shelf or click “add to cart” when shopping online. Using appealing visuals such as bright colors and unique shapes also helps capture shoppers’ interest quickly so they don’t keep browsing without making a purchase decision right away.

Cost Savings: Investing in high-quality materials for your packaging not only increases its appeal but also helps save money in the long run by protecting products during transport or storage so they don’t get damaged or require replacements due to poor handling practices down the line which could end up costing your business more money than necessary in repairs or returns processing fees if something goes wrong during transit/delivery timescales. More sales will allow for larger runs which allow for volume discounts for the raw goods and packaging. Additionally, if you work with a good co-packer, they’ll work to optimize the production process for your product thereby allowing for more savings down the road.

All things considered, creating aesthetically pleasing packaging is well worth investing time and effort into doing properly – understanding what works best & why too – especially given how much appeal plays a role in the consumer decision-making process these days. Not only will such efforts help strengthen brand recognition & build loyalty amongst the existing customer base, it could also open up various new possibilities previously never thought possible before either – particularly those related to cost savings & improved marketability. Allowing businesses to make the most of their available resources while still reaping benefits both cost effectiveness & customer satisfaction ultimately makes the investment well worthwhile taking action upon moving forward today! If you have any questions about packaging services or are interested in getting started on the path to providing your company with a co-packing service that will help you succeed, contact Maple Mountain Co-Packers today!

How the Right Packaging Can Make or Break Your Business

The right packaging services can be the difference between running a successful business and running a company into the ground. Not only does it need to be aesthetically pleasing, it also needs to be functional and represent your brand as authentically as possible. A business’s product packaging approach can have a lasting impact on customer satisfaction, repeat purchases, and can even lead to an increase in referrals from happy customers. In this blog, we’ll take a look at how the right packaging can make or break your business.

How Packaging Affects Your Business

When customers purchase a product, the packaging is often the first thing that they notice. It’s an important part of their overall product experience as it sets the tone for what’s inside. If your packaging is designed with quality in mind, customers will perceive you as a brand they can trust and will be more likely to make repeat purchases. On the other hand, if a product is poorly packaged, it can be seen as unprofessional and leave a negative impression on consumers.

Selecting the Right Packaging

When selecting packaging for your products, it’s important to take into account a number of factors. Firstly, you’ll need to consider the size and shape of your items to determine which type of packaging will be best suited to them. Secondly, think about how you want the packaging to look – is there a particular design or style that you are aiming for? Thirdly, consider the cost – packaging can quickly add up and if it’s too expensive, it could eat into your profits.

Once you have settled on a type of packaging, you will also want to make sure that it is properly labeled. Consistent labeling will help customers identify your product easily and also serve as a reminder of your brand and its values. You can also use labels to include any important information about the product, such as ingredients or instructions for use.

How Primary Packaging Benefits You

Primary packaging comes in a variety of forms and sizes, so there are a ton of different options for your business to use for your products. When we talk about primary packaging, we’re really talking about what comes in contact with the product, i.e, bottles, cans, etc. At Maple Mountain Co-Packers, we have a selection of primary packaging forms that will hold and protect the products that need it most. Here are a few examples of our primary packaging solutions:

Sachet Packets

Sachet Packets are primary packaging units that will hold items such as cosmetics, confectioneries, gels and pharmaceuticals. Some types of sachet packaging that Maple Mountain offers include flat packs, stick packs and speciality stick packs.

Stick Packs

These packages are a convenient way of packaging food and medicine, ideal for on-the-go snacks and powders. At Mountain Maple Co-Packers, we measure, weigh and fill the stick packs for all shapes and sizes.

Bulk Powder Fill – Tubs, Pouches, Etc

Tubs, Gussets Bags and Pouches are packages that are great for powders and granules and we provide anywhere from small pouches to wide mouth jars with our package sizes. You can get the product design that you want, all while getting the most out of your production. Maple Mountain Co-Packers has significant capabilities around Bulk Powder Filling with all the necessary certifications for all co-packing/co-manufacturing needs.

Rollstock Packaging

If you’re looking for a low cost packaging style that is faster than some other types of packaging, Maple Mountain suggests Rollstock Packaging. Rollstock Packaging comes in a broad range of materials and colors that are good for consumer goods and food products.

What Poor Packaging Does To Your Business

Poor packaging can be disastrous for businesses in any industry. Not only does it reflect poorly on your brand, but it can also lead to a decrease in sales and customer loyalty. Poorly packaged products are more likely to be damaged during transit, which not only increases costs for replacement items but can also result in unhappy customers who don’t want to wait for a replacement. Poor packaging can also be difficult to open, leading to frustration and even injury.

Packaging plays a critical role in the success of any business. It is an essential part of your product experience and can influence how customers perceive your brand. Investing in quality packaging will help to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as help protect your profits.  By taking into account the size, shape and cost of your product, you can make sure that you are selecting the best packaging for your needs.  With the right packaging and packaging companies, you can ensure that customers have a positive experience with your products from start to finish.

How To Choose Between Flexible & Rigid Packaging

How To Choose Between Flexible & Rigid Packaging

You need a packaging solution that is affordable and reliable and helps your products fly off the shelves. Explore the key differences between flexible and rigid packaging to see which option offers the best features for your production needs. Find out how Maple Mountain Co-Packers can lead you from formulation to distribution with custom flexible packaging and rigid container solutions.

Flexible Packaging

Keep your packaging flexible, eco-friendly and vibrant with flexible solutions and flexible containers. This malleable option can be manufactured in a range of sizes, dimensions, and styles:

Flexible and rigid packaging both come in a wide range of materials. Choose malleable packaging with multiple layers to combine a durable exterior and a food-safe interior. Flexible packaging and flexible containers are used for food, industrial powders, electronics, and other applications.

Pros of Flexible Solutions

Considering flexible solutions for your products? Here are the benefits of choosing flexible solutions and flexible containers from a contract packaging service:

  • Reduced cost
  • Eco-friendly
  • Convenient use
  • Iconic branding

You can enjoy an environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and personalized flexible packaging solution when you choose a malleable material or layered product.

This packaging option takes less space to ship and can use less overall material, making it less expensive than many rigid products.

Because this option uses less plastic, it is typically a more eco-friendly alternative to rigid packaging and rigid containers. Many flexible solutions are recyclable at participating locations, so your packaging won’t contribute to local landfills.

Create flexible packaging with resealable or easy-tear openings for convenient use. Compared to some rigid lid designs, flexible packaging and flexible containers are a preferred option for many customers.

Some industries have already made a major change to flexible packaging, but in other industries it’s still a new technology. Help your products stand out with iconic stand-up pouches, stick packs, and other eye-catching designs.

Cons of Flexible Packaging

While malleable solutions are popular for many products, there are still some limitations to this solution. Consider the disadvantages of flexible packaging materials for your products:

  • Less protection
  • Temperature resistance issues
  • Non-biodegradable design
  • Limited stacking ability

A sharp corner, heavy weight, or high temperatures could damage flexible packaging and flexible solutions. This feature can increase the amount of product waste.

These materials are recyclable, but won’t break down easily if sent to a landfill instead of recycled properly. It’s essential to have the right recycling programs in place to maintain an environmentally friendly, flexible packaging solution.

Rigid Packaging

When you need a tough package to protect fragile or heavy items, flexible packaging may not be the right choice for you. Consider rigid containers and rigid packaging  made of hard plastic, glass, metal, cardboard, or other materials to ensure your products reach your customers safely.

Pros of Rigid Alternatives and Rigid Packaging

Consider rigid containers and rigid packaging to enjoy these advantages:

  • Durable designs
  • Stackable shapes
  • Reusable convenience
  • Eco-friendly materials

A hard plastic container is far less likely to be punctured, crushed, or otherwise damaged than a flexible plastic one. If you’re concerned with maintaining product integrity after shipping and handling, then you may need a rigid container. Tubs, barrels, and other rigid containers can be easily stacked. This allows you to position more products on the shelf and ship them conveniently without using dividers or other rigid packaging components. Many customers enjoy reusing containers from products if you package them in resealable, dishwasher-safe containers. A rigid container also feels sturdier and more luxurious, so it promotes the quality of your products. Both flexible and rigid packaging are recyclable, but some locations don’t accept multi-layered malleable products. Rigid containers and rigid packaging are more likely to be accepted in recycling centers around the country.

Cons of Rigid Packaging

A glass bottle, cardboard box, or plastic jar isn’t always the best solution for every situation. While there are many reasons to consider rigid containers, there are also limitations to rigid packaging:

  • Typically higher manufacturing costs
  • Greater carbon footprint
  • Uses more material

Thicker walls and more complex manufacturing processes result in higher costs for producing rigid packaging. You may be able to pass on higher packaging costs to consumers of luxury products, but you’ll struggle to stay competitive in other markets. More energy is needed to produce most rigid packaging products, which results in a greater carbon footprint for your company. You’ll need to find ways to offset this footprint with more than just recycling used rigid containers. More material means more weight and cost. A sturdy jar may keep items safe, but it also takes up more space.

How to Find the Right Packaging for Your Products

Review the pros and cons of flexible and rigid packaging for your industry. As you consider whether flexible containers or rigid containers are best for your situation, review these features of your products:

  • Durability
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Branding
  • Shelf life
  • Cost

A fragile item may not withstand routine shipping in a flexible package or flexible container. The size and weight of your product can affect which option is more cost effective. How do you want customers to view your brand? Malleable packaging stands out as a modern, unique solution to traditional packages. Rigid container alternatives, however, offer a luxurious feel. Products that aren’t going to sit on the shelves very long can be stored in lightweight, flexible packaging. For more long-term storage options, consider rigid solutions that won’t affect the flavor of foods or liquids.

Partner with a Proven Packaging Provider

Learn more about the differences between flexible and rigid packaging with Maple Mountain Co-Packers. Explore MCCP’s services to see how you can enjoy contract packaging services designed to Build. Produce. Deliver.

If you have any questions about Flexible & Rigid Packaging or any of our other services, contact us today.

The Importance of Supplement Packaging in Today’s Market

Global Expansion in Supplements Market

The global supplements market has been expanding rapidly in recent years, driven by increased demand from consumers for healthier and more natural products.
Consumers are turning away from processed foods and looking for more “natural” approaches to nourishment. Interest in health-related products, like vitamins and energy supplements, has increased significantly since the outbreak of COVID-19.

While the global supplements market is increasingly competitive, supplements packaging has never been more crucial.

The Importance of Supplement Packaging Design

As the market continues to accelerate, it is critical for manufacturers and retailers to ensure effective supplement packaging. Since differentiation is key, supplement packaging design allows for flexible packaging to help set apart brands from one another. Having elements of design like eco-friendly, cost effective, lightweight packaging allows for your product to elevate above the competition. Afterall, the packaging design is responsible for capturing consumer attention and giving your products a premium look.

Types of Supplement Packaging

Flexible packaging options are available for your product and business. The most common types of supplement packaging include:

Sachets along with powder fill bags are generally more popular due to their ease of use and storage capabilities over other packaging solutions like tubes. Learn more about the role of sachet packaging for your product and how it can help bring your product forward from the crowd of competition.

Utilizing Contract Packaging Services For Supplement Packaging

When you invest in contract packing services, you’re entrusting your products to a professional packing company that will take care of everything for you from packaging design to contract manufacturing and packaging services, and more. This can save you time and money, and it allows you to focus on your core business.

A quality supplement packaging company incorporates creative branding and effective product protection to ensure consumer safety by preventing contamination or exposure to harmful chemicals during transit. Whether it is vitamin packaging or supplement packaging, contract packaging services are a great way to ensure all of this. Private label packaging can save you time and money so do not hesitate in this fast, accelerating market.

The Mission of Supplement Packaging

Whether you need single or multi-packs, tamper-proof seals, child-resistance features, or creative product displays and branding, MMCP is the solution to suit your needs. MMCP boasts a new state of the art facility that adheres to the highest level of manufacturing practices. We are committed to providing manufacturing and packaging solutions to your business. Our quality assurance program is designed to comply with all current Good Manufacturing Processes as outlined by the FDA.

We are most proud of our supplement packaging services because we establish long-term partnerships with our clients and custom-build production lines and packing solutions to suit exact needs.

If you are looking for a supplement packaging partner that can scale with your business, contact us now to learn how we can help you and if we’re a good fit to be your co-packing partner!

Food Packaging for Powders and Ready to Eat Products

Food packaging for powders and ready to eat products is an important step in the food production process. It ensures that the product remains clean and safe while also protecting it from environmental factors such as moisture, light, temperature fluctuations, and other contaminants. Not only this, but the right packaging can help establish a brand with consumers that can help your company grow. MMCP’s powder packaging and food packaging make sure that your products will be safe and secure and will set you on the path to growth.

Types of Packaging

Before choosing a packaging material, it is important to consider factors such as the product’s shelf-life, its ability to protect against moisture and other contaminants, cost effectiveness, convenience of use, recyclability options, and eco-friendly considerations.

A variety of materials can be used for food packaging for powders and ready to eat products. Choosing the right material is essential to ensure that the product remains safe and unharmed during transportation, storage, and distribution. Additionally, it is important to select materials that are durable, cost-effective, lightweight, and provide an excellent barrier against contaminants. By doing so, food producers and consumers alike can trust that the product they receive is safe and of the highest quality.

There are many factors to think about when choosing the right type of packaging material for your food and powder products. It is important to consider cost, convenience of use, sustainability considerations, and the ability to protect against contaminants and moisture. Taking all these factors into consideration will help ensure that you choose the right packaging material for your product. At Maple Mountain Co-Packers, we build and produce. Product packaging services for small businesses is what we do.

At Maple Mountain Co-Packers, we’re proud to be your product packaging experts. Learn more about product packaging and our other co-packing services and solutions and see how we can improve your package design, prepare sample packs, or promote new products with our dynamic co-packing services and contact us with any questions you may have.

Why Packaging is Important for Your Company’s Image

Think about the last time you brought home a new product. What was the first thing you noticed? Maybe it was the color, shape, or design of the product itself. But odds are that the very first thing you saw – even before the product – was its packaging. Packaging is one of the most important aspects of any company’s image, and it can make or break a sale. There is an importance of product packaging; here is what you can do to make sure your products look their best.

Packaging and Branding

When it comes to branding, the packaging is one of the most important aspects to consider. Packaging and branding go hand-in-hand. The right packaging can make all the difference in terms of making a product stand out on store shelves and in the minds of consumers. It’s no surprise that companies spend big bucks on designing and crafting the perfect packaging for their products. 

There are a few key ways in which packaging affects branding. Firstly, packaging can be used to communicate key brand messages and positioning. The design, colors, and overall aesthetic of the packaging can all convey different meanings that can help to reinforce a brand’s identity. Secondly, packaging can also play a role in shaping consumer perceptions of a product.  The way a product is packaged can influence how luxurious, premium, or high-quality it is perceived to be. Finally, packaging can also help to create an emotional connection with consumers. Certain packaging designs can evoke certain feelings and emotions that can make a product more appealing and memorable. Here we see the importance of product packaging in marketing.

Product Packaging is a Powerful Promotional Tool

Product packaging is a powerful promotional tool that can have a significant impact on the way your product is perceived by consumers. When done well, packaging can communicate your brand message, create an emotional connection with customers, and drive sales. However, poor packaging can damage your brand and turn away potential customers. It is important to carefully consider all aspects of your packaging, from the materials you use to the design and messaging, to ensure that it accurately reflects your brand and appeals to your target audience. There are many factors to consider when designing product packaging, such as the material used, the printing method, the packaging design, and the messaging. At Maple Mountain Co-Packers, we build, produce, and build. This is what we do. Click here to see our packaging services.

At Maple Mountain Co-Packers, we’re proud to be your packaging experts. Learn more about product packaging and our other co-packing services for solutions. See how we can improve your package design, prepare sample packs, or promote new products with our dynamic packing services and contact us below to get started.

How Innovative Packaging Companies Improve Consumer Sampling Campaigns

When it comes to consumer sampling campaigns, innovative packaging production companies are always looking for ways to improve the process. A product sampling campaign can be a great way to introduce new products to potential customers. Partnering with an experienced co-packer like Maple Mountain will give you the resources you need to be able to efficiently package and distribute your product samples. 

Contract packaging companies have developed new methods and technologies to streamline the product sampling process and make it more efficient. For example, some companies use RFID tags to track products as they move through the supply chain. This allows them to know exactly where each product is at all times and makes it easier to retrieve samples for the sampling campaign.

Other companies have developed sampling campaigns centered around packaging that can be easily opened and resealed so that customers can try a product without having to commit to buying it. This type of packaging is especially useful for sampling products that are centered around perishable items like food or cosmetics. 

Finally, some companies are using social media to spread the word about the sampling campaign, reach potential customers, and get them excited about their products. By running a contest or giveaway on Twitter or Facebook, they can generate interest in their product and get people talking about it.

Innovative packaging companies are always looking for new ways to improve the consumer sampling process. By using new technologies and thinking outside the box, they can make sure that their products get into the hands of potential customers and create a buzz that will help boost sales. 

By partnering with an experienced contract packaging company like Maple Mountain you’ll be able to easily distribute your product samples without having to worry about packaging your product yourself. Let our experienced team help you choose the right packaging for your products and samples to help you scale your business.

If you have any questions about setting up a sampling campaign or any other contract packaging processes, contact us today to learn more.



The Role of Sachet Packaging for Your Product

Create new opportunities to share your product with sachet packaging. This dynamic packaging option gives you the flexibility needed to package your liquid and powder products for your customers. Learn more about sachets, how to use them, common types, and their benefits below.


What Is a Sachet?

A sachet is a container designed to safely store products. It is primarily used for liquid and powder products. The specific design of a sachet varies depending on the type and use, but most use the following features:

Sachet packaging is made of flexible material that can fit your designs. When you work with a co-packaging provider, you can easily streamline your existing packaging and shipping or create a new product using an eye-catching design.


How to Use Sachets

Thanks to the polymer laminates, high-barrier foils, and coated papers used in sachet packet manufacturing, there are a number of products that you can store and ship in these convenient containers:

  • Powders, like coffee, sugar, cosmetics, and drink powders
  • Liquids, like cough syrups, lubricants, and liquid vitamins
  • Pasts, like ointments, cleaning gels, and makeup creams
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Cleaning products

Work with a sachet co-packer to decide on the best type of sachet pack for your particular product. Consider using them to update your packaging line. A sachet pack can often replace a bottle to offer a more convenient package for your old or new products. You can also use this style of packaging to provide sample sizes to encourage customers to try new products or to offer your best-selling products to new customers.


Types of Sachet Packs

Explore common types of sachets to find the best option for your liquid, powder, or cream products. These are the most common packaging options available from leading co-packing manufacturers:

Ask about your options for seal patterns and sizes to make the most of customizable sachets possible. A sachet powder design may use a flat pack or stick pack format, while liquid products may be better promoted in a bottle-shaped stick pack.

Considering a sachet type you don’t see? Sachet packing technology is incredibly flexible and can create alternative packaging solutions for unique products. Reach out to a professional team to ask about other flexible product packaging solutions.


Benefits of Sachet Packaging

Your packaging decision matters. After investing in your product, be sure you also invest in quality packaging that promotes its benefits and safely stores your product until your customer uses it. Be sure to discuss the benefits of sachet packaging with your sachet co-packer. Depending on your goal, a particular type of packaging may be better suited. Work with a skilled and experienced co-packing team to ensure your packaging is safe, secure, affordable, and professionally designed. Here are some of the benefits sachet packaging provides.

Preserves Freshness

An improperly sealed package can lead to premature spoilage, damaged products, and a shorter expiration timeline for your customers. These issues can affect how you transport, stock, and sell your items.

A sachet offers excellent sealing properties. This shields your powders, liquids, and oils from oxygen and sunlight exposure, keeping them fresher for longer.

Excellent sealing properties also mean less risk of leakage. A leaking liquid container can be a liability, particularly if the contents are pharmaceutical or contain allergens. Promote safe delivery and long-lasting preservation of your items by choosing a sachet.

Cheaper Than Alternatives

There are many different products and designs to choose from as you explore new packaging solutions. Compare for yourself to see how sachets represent an affordable alternative.

Sachets help you save materials and reduce the overall investment in packaging. One way they do this is by reducing the number of materials necessary. Many bottled products require a separate label, foil seal, and cardboard or plastic box. Cardboard or paperboard boxes may require plastic bags or other containers.

Sachets are made out of advanced packaging materials that are thin, durable, and affordable. You can easily tailor the package size to the product amount to reduce excess material use.

High Designability With Digital Printing

Make the most of your logo and branding with sachet packets. This state-of-the-art material allows you to digitally print any graphics, text, and colors on the entire length and width of the package.

The high designability and flexibility of digitally printed packages open new doors for your packaging design team. Consider new ways to rethink your logo, shake up your design strategy, and help your items fly off the shelves.

Digital printing also helps co-packers to be more flexible with manufacturing runs. A digital printing solution requires less setup between runs, so ask about packaging minimums and small-run orders for samples and prototypes.

Eco-Friendly and Ready for Recycling

Choose mono-plastic alternatives to store your sachet powder or liquid products in an eco-friendly way. These sachets are recyclable and use environmentally friendly manufacturing techniques to minimize waste and greenhouse gasses.

Not all packaging products are recyclable. Some plastic products with multiple layers aren’t suited for recycling purposes. Mono-plastic designs promote recycling at most participating centers.

Be sure to ask your co-packing team about recyclable options as you prepare to improve your existing design with sachets. Take a step forward and offer mono-plastic alternatives to multi-layered packaging that isn’t recyclable.


We Know Sachets

At Maple Mountain Co-Packers, we’re proud to be your packaging experts. Learn more about sachet packaging and our other co-packing services for turnkey solutions. See how we can improve your package design, prepare sample packs, or promote new products with our dynamic packing services and contact us below to get started.

Using Sachet Packets To Lower Costs for Consumers

Save money on your consumer goods by shopping by packaging. You may be familiar with comparing brands and product amounts but the type of packaging used to store your items can affect the overall cost and value. Find out how a sachet pack, stick pack, or other flexible design can help lower costs on your next shopping trip.

What Are Sachet Packets?

A sachet pack is a flexible packaging solution that can be customized to fit a wide range of products. It can be manufactured using coated paper, polymer laminates, or high-barrier foils.

Most sachets fall between 1 millimeter and 10 millimeters in thickness. They can be designed to create an airtight seal that also prevents sunlight from affecting the product. Some packages also come with a resealable top to prevent the product from spoiling or spilling after you open it.

Sachet Popularity

Sachet packaging is growing in popularity. The global sachet packaging market was valued at $8.7 billion in 2021, according to Future Market Insights. ReportLinker found that Southeast Asian countries, in particular, had a large sales volume in flexible packaging, with a growing volume in western countries.

This type of packaging is particularly lucrative for personal care and cosmetics. High-value items can be delivered in small, convenient sachet packs or stick packs to help lower costs and help you purchase a range of product sizes.

Uses of Sachet Packs

Sachet packaging is often used for food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical purposes to deliver the following products:

  • Liquids
  • Powders
  • Creams
  • Ointments
  • Syrups
  • Gels
  • Pastes

Thanks to the flexible design of sachets, this type of container can be used to offer samples or sell products in bulk. Smaller packages have easy-to-open tops for one-time use, while bulk packaging can include a resealable top for convenient use.

Stick Packs

Sachet packs aren’t the only flexible packaging available for your products. Stick packs use similar materials and designs to deliver single servings or doses of a gel, paste, liquid, or powder.

These packs use a thin, stick-like design to save on material and easily fit into a box. This added convenience makes it a popular alternative for products that you would otherwise need to measure out from a larger bag, box, or bottle.

Other Flexible Package Types

While sachet packs and stick packs represent a significant portion of the flexible packaging market, there are other options available as well. Manufacturers use rollstock and bulk-fill packages to conveniently package larger amounts of liquid or powder.

Why Buy a Sachet Pack?

Your favorite product is now offered in a sachet pack. One brand uses a flat pack, while another uses a rigid bottle. Which do you choose? While there are many pros and cons between flexible and rigid packaging, here are some benefits of sachet packs to consider before your next purchase.

Convenient Container

A stick pack offers on-the-go packaging for a busy day. Grab your favorite drink mix, vitamin supplement, or snack in a single-serve package for less mess and stress. These containers don’t require measuring spoons or other items to prepare your snack, supplement, or beverage.

This is also a great benefit for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. A single-serve flat pack or other packaging reduces the risk of accidental overdose or overuse of a cosmetic product.


Stick packs are an alternative flexible packaging option. Similar to a flat pack or sachet pack, a stick pack uses flexible materials for small, one-time-use packaging. These small packages commonly hold one serving of coffee, drink mix, tea, sugar, vitamins, or other product that comes in a powder or liquid.

Compared with other flexible packaging products, stick packs use up to 40% less material, according to ReportLinker. A company working with a contract manufacturing team can conveniently deliver single-serve products or samples for less using this packaging style.

The exact cost-effectiveness of stick packs and sachets varies depending on region and country. In India and other Southeast Asian countries, for example, sachets represent 60% of the industry sales value. Sachet packs in this region are particularly more affordable than bottles.

Reduced Price for Consumers

Instead of focusing on prices going up in the grocery store, sachet packaging can help you find deals, grab free samples, and enjoy lower prices thanks to lower manufacturing costs. While the specific cost benefits vary between countries and types of packaging, overall, sachets provide opportunities for companies to save on packaging.

Look for companies willing to pass those savings onto you. Explore sachet packaged products for bulk discounts, sample-sized discounts, or daily savings on standard item sizes packaged in a new, flexible way.

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

There are many materials that can be used for sachet pack and stick pack packaging. When companies choose a mono-plastic material, they can offer a recyclable option. Consider an eco-friendly solution as you shop for cosmetics, vitamins, drink mixes, or food products.

Up to 65% of consumers felt recyclable packaging was important, according to Food Dive. Not all flexible packaging and other packaging options can be recycled, so be sure to check your shopping cart to see where you can opt for environmentally friendly alternatives.

Don’t assume all flexible packaging is recyclable. There are many multi-layered options that aren’t suitable for recycling. Check the package carefully and consider shopping for a brand that’s committed to offering environmentally-friendly packages.

Your Sachet Packaging Partner

Whether you’re shopping for a sachet pack drink mix or considering sachet packaging for other business needs, Maple Mountain Co-Packers is your experienced manufacturing partner. See our Sachet Packaging page to learn more about how our state-of-the-art packaging services can benefit your company.